Introducing Sur Wellness: A Revolutionary Convergence of Surgical Mastery and Holistic Patient Advocacy

October 25th 2023 – Pioneering a new era in the realm of surgical wellness, Sur Wellness is elated to announce its nationwide launch, pairing unparalleled surgical expertise with its groundbreaking Patient Advocacy Program

Born out of the esteemed Sur Medispa, established in 2016 by Karen Addison, Sur initially intended to serve the Glasgow community. However, recognising a national demand for a cohesive group of the finest surgeons and medical professionals under a singular banner of excellence, Sur expanded its horizons. Today, it represents a harmonious blend of luxury, surgical excellence, and an unwavering commitment to patient aftercare.

At the heart of Sur Wellness are the nation’s most accomplished cosmetic and bariatric surgeons, ensuring patients receive the very best surgical experience. With seven state-of-the-art facilities, including our flagship centre in Glasgow, patients can now access unparalleled care in Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Nottingham, Luton, and London. Each facility embodies Sur’s dedication to blending opulence with precision.

Guided by the principles of “The Sur Way,” Sur emphasises a holistic approach to patient care, focusing on both the physical and emotional aspects of wellness. Beyond transformative surgeries, Sur demonstrates its commitment to the comprehensive well-being of each patient, ensuring stringent safety measures and aftercare.

Karen Addison, Managing Partner and Clinical Educator at Sur Wellness, shares, “The inception of Sur was rooted in the desire to provide not just surgery, but a complete wellness journey tailored to each patient’s unique aspirations and needs. The importance of understanding why individuals opt for cosmetic surgery, ensuring their reasons are woven into our care approach, is fundamental.

Our commitment to aftercare, particularly through our Patient Advocacy Program, sets Sur apart in an industry filled with fleeting experiences. We’re here to redefine the surgical journey, ensuring excellence, compassion, and unwavering patient support—this is ‘The Sur Way’.”

Dr. Ricardo Frati, Cosmetic Medical Director, reflects, “In my many years within the surgical and medical industry, I’ve had the privilege to witness and contribute to its ever-evolving landscape. However, Sur Wellness presents an approach that truly stands unparalleled. It brings a fresh, multidimensional perspective to patient care, taking the journey beyond just medical excellence. Coupled with our unique VIP and medical concierge offerings, Sur’s approach caters not only to the physical, but also to the emotional and holistic needs of our patients. It’s this synthesis of care, commitment, and luxury that offers a new, profound dimension to the patient experience, setting Sur Wellness apart in the realm of surgical well-being.”

Central to Sur’s ethos is our commitment to crafting personalized experiences. Our exclusive VIP and medical concierge services ensure every patient feels valued, receiving care tailored to their individual essence, set against a backdrop of supreme luxury.

A symbol of holistic health, Sur Wellness offers an array of procedures—from transformative body contouring and facial rejuvenation to life-changing weight loss surgeries—all performed by the nation’s premier surgeons. Our core objective remains consistent: to align aesthetic aspirations with superior health outcomes, echoing Sur’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

Karen Addison, adds, “Having dedicated years to the medical and cosmetic industry, I’ve witnessed the profound impact that a fusion of excellence, compassion, and tailored care can have on a patient’s journey. It’s with this deep-seated understanding that I’ve personally handpicked every member of our esteemed team, ensuring that experience is one of excellence at every touchpoint. Our Patient Advocacy Program, a cornerstone of Sur’s offerings, is meticulously designed to be an emblem of our commitment to holistic patient support and safety. At Sur Wellness, we don’t just provide premium surgical services; we craft an entire ecosystem of care, where every individual’s journey is one of the highest standards of medical proficiency, safety and unwavering patient advocacy. This, to me, is the true essence of ‘The Sur Way.'”

Leading the vanguard in redefining surgical wellness, Sur Wellness emerges as the accumulation of pioneering surgical procedures and unparalleled patient advocacy.

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