Introducing ‘The Sur Way’: A Revolution in Premium Surgical Wellness and Patient Advocacy

31st October 2023 – Sur Wellness proudly announces the launch of its pioneering approach, “The Sur Way,” alongside its dedicated Patient Advocacy Program, marking a transformative shift in the landscape of surgical wellness. This innovative methodology redefines the realm of surgical care, offering a holistic experience that goes beyond the operating room, and emphasises the importance of patient rights and empowerment.
The Ethos Behind ‘The Sur Way’

“The Sur Way” epitomises Sur Wellness’s mission of providing comprehensive healthcare that marries medical expertise with a deep understanding of patient well-being. Infused with the principles of our Patient Advocacy Program, this ethos ensures each patient’s journey, from consultation to post-operative care, is one of unwavering dedication, understanding, and advocacy.

Dr. Riccardo Frati, Cosmetic Medical Director at Sur Wellness, stated, “Having spent years in the industry, I can confidently say that ‘The Sur Way’, enriched by our commitment to patient advocacy, offers an unparalleled approach. This unique dimension to patients’ journeys, combined with our vast array of surgical experts and offerings, truly sets us apart.”

Bespoke Surgical Journeys: A Signature Approach At the heart of “The Sur Way” is a commitment to personalised surgical experiences, understanding that every individual’s needs and aspirations are unique. This tailored approach, reinforced by our Patient Advocacy Program, allows Sur Wellness to provide surgical care that resonates deeply with each patient.

Karen Addison, Managing Partner at Sur Wellness, reflects, “Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of handpicking every member of our team, ensuring that each brings a wealth of experience and excellence. ‘The Sur Way’ is not just about providing premium medical and surgical offerings. It’s about emphasizing patient safety and aftercare as being of paramount importance. We created the Sur Way, and in particular the patient advocacy program, to ensure that every individual is treated with the utmost care and dedication throughout their journey with us.”

Medical Concierge Service: Elevating Patient Experience Combining luxury with precision, Sur Wellness’s medical concierge service, complemented by our Patient Advocacy Program, stands as a testament to their commitment to unparalleled patient care. Every detail, from travel coordination to post-op resources, is managed meticulously, offering patients a seamless journey.

Holistic Health: A Comprehensive Outlook Sur Wellness’s focus extends beyond surgery, embracing a comprehensive view of health and wellness. “The Sur Way” ensures patients are equipped with resources and support for a holistic health journey, emphasising post-surgical life enrichment and continuous patient advocacy.

Setting a New Paradigm

Sur Wellness, with “The Sur Way” and its Patient Advocacy Program, isn’t just introducing a service – they are heralding a new era in surgical wellness. This groundbreaking approach invites individuals to experience surgical care like never before, with the promise of unmatched quality, dedication, and patient-centred advocacy.

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