At Sur, we present an exquisite confluence of surgical finesse and opulent care, embodying the very pinnacle of luxury wellness. Anchored in the grandeur of our flagship sanctuary in Scotland, our reach gracefully extends across the nation with 7 locations including; Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Nottingham, Luton, London and Glasgow, ensuring an accessible gateway to our elite offerings.

In our luxurious surgical suites, known for meeting the highest medical standards, we offer a range of top-tier treatments.

Female Surgeries

Weight Loss Surgery

At Sur Surgical, every treatment is a testament to our unwavering commitment to surgical artistry and innovation. Each procedure is meticulously crafted, embodying precision and a deep-rooted understanding of individual aesthetics. Beyond the immediate procedure, our Patient Advocacy Program stands as a beacon of our dedication, ensuring that every individual is guided, supported, and understood throughout their journey. This includes stringent pre-surgical consultations to align with patient aspirations and comprehensive post-surgical care that ensures optimal recovery and satisfaction. At Sur, it’s not just about delivering unparalleled results; it’s about weaving a holistic journey where each patient feels revered, empowered, and celebrated every step of the way.

From Our Team

Karen Addison RGN INP, Founding Partner & Clinical Educator
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Sur has redefined the horizon of surgical, medical and cosmetic care. I'm proud to lead 'The Sur Way' - a blend of surgical excellence, patient safety and care, and luxury that's genuinely groundbreaking."
Mr Amr KhalilMBBS, EBOPRAS, MSc, Cosmetic Surgeon
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In every stitch, every contour, Sur's commitment to excellence shines through. This is revolutionary patient care, and I'm honored to be a part of it.
Mr Brian SimonsMD, FRCS, Cosmetic Surgeon
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Sur's nationwide presence and vast surgical offerings are reshaping the landscape. I've never been more excited about the future of surgery.
Mr Hassan SulaimanMD, MSc, FRCS, FRCSI, FWACS, Cosmetic Surgeon
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Being part of Sur is like being on the forefront of a surgical revolution. It's not just about skill, but about reimagining the entire patient journey.
Mr Mubashir CheemaMRM, FRCS, MRCS, MBBS, Cosmetic Surgeon
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Sur's Patient Advocacy Program sets the gold standard. We don't just offer surgeries; we offer a transformative experience.
Mr Riaz AghaMSc, MBBS, FRCS, Cosmetic Surgeon
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In all my years, I've never seen anything like Sur. This is the future, and it's dazzling.
Mr Douglas WhitelawMBChB, FRCS, Bariatric Surgeon
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Sur brings an innovative touch to bariatric surgery. It's more than a procedure; it's a promise of care, luxury, and excellence.
Mr Kanagaraj MarimuthuMS, MBBS, FRCS, PhD, Bariatric Surgeon
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Trailblazing, groundbreaking, and utterly patient-focused. That's 'The Sur Way', and I'm thrilled to be walking this path.
Mr Periyathambi JambulingamMS, MBBS, FRCS, Bariatric Surgeon
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Every patient deserves the best, and Sur ensures they get it. From the array of surgical options to the undying commitment, it's a fresh vision.
Mr Vittal RaoMD, MS, MBBS, FRCS, Bariatric Surgeon
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Sur is more than a brand; it's a revolution in patient care. Every surgery performed is a testament to this commitment.
Mr Alistair SharplesMSc, MBChB, FRCS, Bariatric Medical Director and Bariatric Surgeon
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Leading the charge with Sur's trailblazing approach, I've witnessed firsthand how we're changing lives, one surgery at a time.
Lisa HagueGrief Coach
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Embracing 'The Sur Way' means recognizing that each patient's journey is unique, not just in aesthetics but in their life story. Sur's holistic approach resonates with the very essence of compassionate care.
Dr. Kerry SweeneyGP
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Sur is the nexus where artistry meets precision, where luxury meets genuine care. In my medical practice, this confluence has always been sought after, and I'm elated to witness it come to life with Sur.

Why choose Sur?

Welcome to Sur Wellness, where we pioneer patient-focused, advanced surgical solutions. Your journey with us will be tailored to your unique needs for exceptional results and rejuvenation.


Investing in yourself with a surgical procedure should be an exciting and luxurious experience. That’s exactly what you’ll get with Sur, from luxury clinics to personalised touches and bespoke advice.


Our specialist cosmetic and bariatric surgeons have helped thousands of people get their dream results. Their experience means that they are the right choice to help you achieve yours.


Embracing 'The Sur Way', our approach to patient care is paramount; underpinned by a robust Patient Advocacy Program, we ensure every individual feels valued, understood and cared for.

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