The Alarm Sounds: Inadequate Regulation is a Ticking Time Bomb in Cosmetic Procedures

The world of cosmetic surgery is a highly-populated one, with providers offering newfound confidence and aesthetic rejuvenation – but not all of them practice safely. SUR, a leading medical brand founded by trusted experts, is raising awareness of the grossly inadequate regulation in the UK’s cosmetic injectables domain.
Recent analysis by UCL has unveiled a staggering reality: a shocking 68% of practitioners performing cosmetic enhancements aren’t medically qualified. With the UK injectables market hurtling towards a valuation of £11.7 billion by 2026, this lack of governance and oversight could have extreme consequences.
Karen Addison, RGN INP, Managing Partner at SUR and revered Clinical Educator, has spoken on the issue, declaring, “This isn’t a wake-up call; it’s a blaring siren. The soaring growth of the cosmetic industry is being marred by practitioners who lack proper medical credentials. At SUR, where we wear our professional registrations as badges of honour and pride ourselves on our industry-leading experts.
This is an outright affront to patient safety. A substantial chunk of our industry is essentially in the dark, operating without a medical torch. SUR stands on the vanguard, embodying the highest standards. The booming growth of cosmetic injectables cannot be at the cost of vulnerable patients. Our patients deserve better. The industry deserves better.”
Although the government took measures last year, outlawing cosmetic procedures for the under-18s, SUR demands more than token gestures. A public consultation in August 2023 is the government’s latest endeavour to tighten regulations The findings are poised to play a crucial role in the much-needed revamp of the Medical Act in 2024. The message of which will state that only professionals adequately trained, licensed, and working in regulated environments should handle cosmetic treatments.
Dr Riccardo Frati, MD, Cosmetic Medical Director, echoed the urgency, stating, “We’re talking about people’s lives and well-being. A doctor’s pledge is sacrosanct, and it’s time the industry lived up to it. Training, experience, oversight – they aren’t luxuries, they’re necessities. I commend the government for taking strides, but it’s merely the tip of the iceberg. It’s high time we pulled the industry out of the dark ages.”
SUR isn’t just sounding the alarm; it’s leading the charge. It’s more crucial than ever to put trust in registered, seasoned medical professionals from brands like SUR that practice trust and expertise in the cosmetic realm. The public’s outcry for higher standards is deafening, and the industry should be prepared for drastic change.
At SUR, excellence isn’t just a benchmark; it’s an ingrained ethos. As a medically-led collective, our foundations are cemented in the pursuit of superior standards and unwavering dedication to patient well-being. Our commitment extends far beyond offering treatments; we champion the continual advancement of skills and knowledge. With SUR Academy at the helm, we don’t just participate in the industry’s evolution – we actively shape it. Our dedication to ongoing training ensures we’re not just abreast but ahead of the latest innovations and best practices. As educators, we take immense pride in imparting this expertise, ensuring that our high standards are passed on, leading the path for future generations of cosmetic professionals.
Our message to you: Trust in the best. Trust in the certified. Trust in experience. Trust SUR.
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