Why you should have your surgery in the UK

While lots of people are enticed by global surgery providers, an increasing number of people in the UK is recognising that having their procedure in the UK is much safer. Dive deeper into the Sur experience and discover how UK surgeries offer not just security, but a luxurious care standard that’s unparalleled. Let us introduce you to a surgical experience that’s second-to-none.

What are the risks of going abroad for my procedure?

  • Overseas safety and hygiene benchmarks may not align with the UK’s exacting standards 
  • Surgeons from other countries might not adhere to UK regulations 
  • Flying shortly after surgery poses health risks, including blood clots
  • Aftercare, an essential part of your recovery, might not meet the UK’s high standards


Surgeons registered with the General Medical Council 

Perhaps you’ve admired a surgeon’s results before and have wondered about their qualifications. Rest assured, all Sur surgeons are accredited by the General Medical Council. This esteemed body vouches for the unmatched standards we uphold, ensuring you’re always in the safest, most skilled hands.


Premium facility standards 

While picturesque exteriors of foreign hospitals might be eye-catching, they might not be painting a full picture. You might find that what was advertised is not exactly what you’re met with, and you might find yourself doubting the safety of the facility.

Every Sur establishment is regulated by authorities like the Care Quality Commission (England), Healthcare Improvement Scotland, or Health Inspectorate Wales. It’s our guarantee that our environments are more than just opulent – they’re safe. With advanced medical technology and equipment, they provide each and every patient with a superior surgery experience.


Clinical excellence on your doorstep

Some people might find themselves enticed by the idea of having their surgery in a sunnier climate and enjoying a relaxing holiday afterwards. And lots of surgery providers abroad take advantage of this notion, advertising ‘all-inclusive’ surgery packages that include accommodation and flights.

However, it’s important to note that travelling long distances shortly after your surgery can increase your risk of complications. Flying is particularly risky – it can lead to blood clots and will likely prolong any discomfort you have post-procedure.

Staying in the UK is a much safer option for having a cosmetic or weight loss procedure. And with Sur, it can feel like a luxurious, relaxing getaway. The facilities that we use are located conveniently close to major cities and transport links, making it a much more convenient option, too.


Finance options

Cost is often the reason that many people choose to go abroad for surgery. However, you can’t put a price on your safety, and there are often many hidden costs with surgery abroad, such as seeking aftercare and support on your return to the UK.

At Sur, we help our patients access life-changing surgery by supporting them with monthly payment options and more. Our costs are all-encompassing and include pre and post-surgery care and lifetime support from our surgical experts.


Sur’s signature aftercare 

While overseas procedures might seem cost-effective, remember: every surgical journey has its challenges. And when you return home to the UK after your operation, you won’t receive follow-up care from your surgical team. Should you experience any complications, you’ll need to seek medical help elsewhere.

With Sur, any challenges or complications are met with unparalleled aftercare. Our dedication doesn’t end in the operating room. Experience ongoing consultations with your surgeon and a lifetime of support from our team.

Spanning the UK, Sur’s collection of clinics and hospitals offers an array of cosmetic, intimate, and weight loss solutions. To embark on your Sur journey, let our expert surgeon assistants guide you further with a free, no-obligation consultation.

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